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dated 19th September 2014

Room 12 on the 20th floor of Mövenpick Towers & Suites hotel, somewhere in the business district of boiling hot Doha. Two days ago, after a six-hour long journey from Zurich, I landed at the Doha Hamad Airport where I would start my two-month-long Qatari adventure. Things has been intense since then and only now I get a quiet moment and a chance to process what I’m experiencing.

Doha greeted me with a pleasant airport service, passport check and speedy car pick-up service that would escort me to a fantazable hotel where I’m now residing till the end of my stay in Qatar. My sponsor here, Al Jazeera, is treating its guests in the best possible manner. Visa, flights, accommodation—all sorted out timely, carefully and with the right taste.

I was afraid that staying in a hotel would have been a bit too much isolating, and uncomfortable in the long run, but that changed quickly. Now that I know that many of my colleagues and friendly folk from other AJ departments are residing in the very same hotel, and that the top-floor pool, gym and spa are complimentary—I can be only afraid that this luxury is going to spoil me too much.

So I’m tempted to note down my Qatari experiences while here, and this is a humble start, a prolog. Should you wish to follow my Doha Chronicles, please do come back to visit every now and then. I’ll most certainly be publishing more letters in the upcoming days. Till then.

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