From the Notebook

Issue 37

Week 45, 2014

UI development

  • Stumbled upon CSS viewport units mention the other day, which got me all excited. Here’s a test environment, and the browser support seems pretty decent too.
  • JSZip, a javascript library for creating, reading and editing .zip files, with a lovely and simple API.
  • I used Shepherd.js on a recent project as a pure JavaScript alternative to Zurb’s Joyride, and it worked wonders. Perfect for setting up walk-throughs and tutorials.

Data Visualization

  • This Big Article about Wee Things is my higlight of the week. Explains a few common visualization techinques and introduced me to some new concepts… all with a Waldo twist. Visualizing comparisons, showing processes, providing orientation maps, conveying meaning by usage of iconography, microinteractions, feedforward—all’s there, as well as some invaluable mini interaction design guidelines for dataviz. So go on and give it a read… becasue in the end “if you’re in the business of displaying data, [you want to] avoid the Waldo strategy.”


  • Spent few minutes playing with Ispirograph this morning. Sweet.

Real world’s things

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