From the Notebook

Issue 39

Week 51, 2014

UI development

  • Photoswipe is like Swiper on steroids, but for images only, supporting all the funky touch gestures, zooming, sharing, browser history and more.
  • Finding Webpack documentation a bit confusing at first? This helped me get around the basics and figure out what is actually going on there: Webpack How-to by Pete Hunt. Also, here is Pete’s lenghty presentation on their dev setup over at Instagram:
  • Pocketing this one for later: should you ever… Introducing the JavaScript Internationalization API.
  • Squire looks like a decent textarea implementation, should you ever need a lenghty text editor for the web.
  • Must find a use case for this GLSL projectron thingie to spice up a project. Now have a look at this demo, yaa.

UI Design

  • It’s about time to start catering for a new media query breakpoint: the phablet. Via.
  • Very very nice side/footnotes implementation over at fastcodesign spotted in occasion of consuming this Urban Dictionary Of Design Slang by John Brownlee.
  • A cute little article looking back at web design industry and drawing a pretty neat picture of where we all are heading: A brief history of web design for designers by Sandijs Ruluks.


  • Quite a few sparkling articles in this end-of-2014 collection of Predictions for Journalism by Nieman Lab.
  • Few mobile journalism strategy findings by BBC’s Ramaa Sharma:
    • There’s a big appetite for media in mobile journalism
    • Readers are more tolerant to buffering issues
    • Visuals are really important
    • “Live” pages work very well
  • Got a smartphone? Start broadcasting—fascinating TED talk by Bruno Torturra about how most of us now have all it needs to be phenomenal reporters.

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