From the Notebook

Issue 41

Week 03, 2015

UI development

  • This Detecting above-the-fold CSS article comes with a handy bookmarklet that lets you identify those bits of CSS you might want to inline in your HTML for snappier rendering. Has a few issues, mainly “it will not find the CSS selectors for psuedo elements such as :hover etc.”—authors say, but interesting tool nonetheless.
  • Some refreshing and ridiculously pretty text input effects by the Tympanus folk: Inspiration for Text Input Effects. Me likes Isao very much.
  • TheathreJS, a typing effect script mimicking human behavior.
  • Speeding up font loading when using @font-face—a useful tutorial by The Filament Group.
  • Still have lots to consume here but, at first glance, good to know I’m doing it as others do it: Sass Guidelines.
  • Codyhouse seems to be on its way to become another Tympanus—a few decent resources there already, have a look.

UX Design

  • A fair share of mind blowing attention to detail and thinking out-of-the-box went into Simple banking’s user experience. Toby Sterrett explains it all in his Push Conf presentation: from—what it would seem to be obvious—decision to replace passwords with pass phrases to all other, major design choices. Bravo.


  • Sober look at the state of podcasting and how to take the entire business to the next level: Ten Years of Podcasting: Fighting Human Nature. A truly fascinating read with quite a few ideas to bridge the social and tech gap identified by Matt Haughey. And his follow-up here.


  • An interesting storytelling concept aiming at providing the reader with immediate meaningful context with usage of hypercards: FOLD by Alexis Hope and Kevin Hu.
  • Didn’t take long to for this to appear: fascinating take on pitching stories, the kickstarter-way: Deepr Journalism.

Being human

Show off

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