From the Notebook

Issue 43

Week 05, 2015

UI development


Data visualization

Information Graphics

  • Ski Maps is a cute little overview of… well… both print and interactive ski map designs around.



  • News outlets seem to be successfully embracing mobile messaging apps to deliver content—Catalina Albeanu reports.
  • Blendle looks like some decent news aggregating tech. Sports an interesting card navigation concept and some lovely UI. Each news card maintains branding of the publisher—well done. Looking forward to have a language version I can use… which is on its way.

Being human

  • Creating Something Timeless, brilliant TED talk with one deli take-away: “the truly timeless work can happen when an incredibly experienced team is following a highly improvisational process”. Don’t think I spoiled it all for you now. Watch it till the very end for a wonderful metaphor that wraps the whole story and strengthens the message. Via.

Real world’s things

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