From the Notebook

Issue 44

Week 06, 2015

UI development

  • Flickity a touch, responsive, swiper-like plugin for building slideshows sporting some physics-based animations.
  • PubCSS an interesting take on formatting academic publications in HTML & CSS.
  • One of those things that make me go “whoah” I’ll probably never touch: PhysicsRenderer. Still… impressive lib with some funky demos, like this one.
  • So I suppose we’re now all one big happy family excited about React.js with the bloody thing able to cater for native (both iOS and Android) environments soon as announced at the very first React.js conference.

UI Design

Data visualization

  • A story of drinkers, genocide and unborn girls—one funky #ddj piece on gender balance.
  • Make Grey Your Best Friend—is an interesting approach to defining colour scales for data visualisations. Reminds me a bit of my photo-editing workflow when I’d pimp contrasts, clarity, exposure and all that in greyscale to reach the effect I’m after not being distracted with colours, only to saturate it at the very end.
  • Bloomberg’s 2014 Was the Hottest Year on Record visualisation paints a pretty clear picture of how boiling hot got over the past 100+ years.



  • Letterspace, sweet little Notepad app with markdown support, #hashtags and @tags for iPhone and Mac.

Staying healthy

  • The Origin of the 8-Hour Work Day and Why We Should Rethink It. There are tons of similar articles out there but this one, instead of saying we all pretty much need to go part-time, gives hope to all those 8hrs/day workers. I particularly loved the idea of splitting working day in 1.5hrs chunks… 1.5h of work, followed by half hour of reward or rest before starting another chunk. So simple.

Real world’s things

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