From the Notebook

Issue 45

Week 07, 2015

UI development

  • IS.js a JavaScript library to check types, regexps, presence, time and the like.
  • @SaraSoueidan comes back with one fresh exciting tutorial: Composing and Blending in CSS using Background-Blend-Mode, Mix-Blend-Mode and Isolation properties.
  • Overscroll, a small javascript library, giving you the ability to peak and show small easter eggs when the screen is scrolled beyond the height of the window.
  • SVGOMG a handy little tool to minimise/compress your SVGs.
  • What the Flux? is all that action, dispatcher, store, view Reactjs madness explained. Super helpful article by Jonathan Creamer.
  • As if you haven’t heard me rambling about React enough, here’s a great intro, a detailed look at how we got here and all the whys you should start fiddling with it: Facebook just taught us all how to build websites.
  • CSS-layout is Facebook’s reimplementation of… well… CSS layout using pure JavaScript.

Data visualization

  • d3.geo.exploder, a tiny d3 extension that lets you easily move and resize geographic features rendered with d3 and topojson.
  • Mapstarter is a tool for turning a geographic data file into a map for the web.

Being human

Real world’s things

  • Argentina: the country that Monsanto Poisoned, shocking photo-essay on the first results of transformation of country once known for its grass-fed beef and where now entire soy crop and nearly all its corn and cotton are genetically modified.

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