From the Notebook

Issue 49

Week 15, 2015

UI development

  • Inline SVG vs Icon Fonts, a straightforward overview of the state of play. In the end, “if you can go IE 9+ / Android 3+, inline SVG is better at pretty much everything than icon fonts”. So there. And, while we’re at it, a brief look at Icon System with SVG Sprites is worth to read too.
  • Libraries lets you discover and “watch” open source libraries, modules and frameworks.
  • The State of Web Type is an up-to-date data on support for type and typographic features on the web with a brief intro over at Dev.Opera.

UI Design

  • iDangerous Swiper, a plugin I’ve been using for quite a while now, got a big upgrade to version 3. Its spec got a fresh vest too now.
  • The best icon is a text label. For all the times you haven’t recognized an icon. Or even worse, placed an unclear icon in your design. Good call by @bytte.

Art Direction

  • 30 Species in Pieces is an absolutely beautiful project, one of many made by the talented Bryan James. The idea, the message, the way it’s been made, sound, atmosphere it sets and all that… bravo.

Data visualization

  • svidget.js a JavaScript framework for creating immersive and fully interactive SVG widgets.
  • For the times when I have no idea where to start to d3 draw what: svg2d3, a simple SVG to D3 converter. Say what?
  • Textures.js, SVG patterns for Data Visualization.


  • The Photographer’s Ephemeris “helps plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light, particularly landscape and urban scenes. It’s a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth”.

Staying healthy

Being human

Real world’s things

  • “From steak to mangoes, here are some water-hogging foods”, a horridly executed, but informative nevertheless LA Times look at how much water we need to produce what we eat. Made me re-evaluate my diet a bit.
  • Our Man in Tehran, a lovely mini-series of documentary pieces about life in Iran.

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