From the Notebook

Issue 50

Week 20, 2015

UI development


  • All NYT’s interactive pieces in one place: 2014 and 2013 edition.


  • Helium, a floating browser window that never goes behind other windows.
  • Tripmode, a handy little app to save unnecessary data transfers when on-the-go.


  • MOSH, very fun photo-manipulating Chrome Experiment. Lets you add some glitch to your images.

Staying healthy

  • Inhabitat reports on a family producing 6000 pounds of food per year on 4000 square feet of land. Admirable. Also… feels like a kind of way of living I’d be up for.

Real world’s things

  • Yearly Happiness Report dated April 23 came out placing Switzerland as the happiest country to live in. Italy being the 50th, Poland 60th, Turkey 76th. Weirdly enough, Qatar got itselft the 28th place.
  • A Rainy Day In April, beautiful piece of Armenian folk recorded in memoriam of the centenary of Armenian Genocide dated 24th April.

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