From the Notebook

Issue 53

Week 32, 2015

UI development

UI Design

  • Sketch Flex Layout a Sketch plugin allowing for CSS Flexbox layouts using stylesheets and prototypes (via Medium).
  • Magic Mirror, a plugin that can create perspective transformed image from an artboard and apply to corresponding shape.
  • Sketch Palettes: a Sketch plugin that lets you save and load colors into the color picker.


  • Iosevka, a monospace coding typeface generated by code.
  • Lato podbija świat [Lang=pl]. A cute little interview with the designer of Lato typeface, and the first type feature in a Polish newspaper I’ve seen so far :)

Art Direction

  • Design Machines, a truly wonderful essay about… oh my… so many things are packed there: “metrics-obsessed” web design, art direction and content strategy. Loads of valuable but lengthy take-aways I need to file elsewhere.
  • Polona Typo, a lovely little project Huncwot in collaboration with National Library of Poland: “Based on the new Polona API, makes it possible to type, share and print your own sentences using thousands of letters from the books, posters and maps created over more than six centuries”.

Data visualization

Digital nomads

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