From the Notebook

Issue 55

Week 48, 2015

UI development

  • Yay, pretty iMessages-ish link underlines with SmartUnderline. Btw, WTH is Eager?
  • So you want to have a pretty Safari pinned tab favicon? The New Favicon by the Iconfactory folk.
  • Roll.js a tiny library to help keep track of position, scrolling, and pagination.
  • atvImg (where atvImg stands for AppleTV Image)—a tiny plain vanilla javascript parallax library by Drew Wilson.
  • Notie.js, clean and simple notification plugin (alert/growl style) for javascript, with no dependencies.
  • I’ve been already writing this so called “Classsy CSS” to a certain extent but this article really completes the picture to me: Classsy CSS
  • The Cost of Frameworks on mobile devices—a sober performance analysis in favour of coding apps in vanilla javascript.

UI Design

Data visualization

  • Plotly.js the core technology and JavaScript graphing library behind Plotly’s products that supports 20 chart types, including 3D plots, geographic maps, and statistical charts like density plots, histograms, box plots, and contour plots.


Digital nomads

  • What I Learned When I Gave Up the ‘9 to 5’. Yet another one of those articles on how great location independence is. I get your point, folks. The key is to find a job where not the presence in the office but work results matter.


  • “A land rooted in ancient cultures, where past learning informs contemporary vision, where progressive spirit ignites new futures.” Nicely put promotional short: Essence of Qatar | جوهر قطر.
  • Turo might come in handy when renting car abroad.

Real world’s things

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