From the Notebook

Issue 57

Week 18, 2016

UI development

  • Typi, a Sass library that allows you to set up font-size and line-height properties of all your typographic elements in separate Sass maps. Via Everything I know about responsive web typography with CSS
  • Loud links — a simple tiny Javascript library to add interaction sounds to your website.
  • Feature.js — a fast, simple and lightweight browser feature detection library written in plain JavaScript.
  • superplaceholder.js, cute little script to pack more info into your input fields’ placeholders.
  • Next time I’ll be doing email templates, might want to play with this responsive mail framework here: mjml.
  • (Almost) zero-configuration React static site generator by Jxnblk.
  • List.js, a “tiny, invisible and simple, yet powerful and incredibly fast vanilla JavaScript that adds search, sort, filters and flexibility to plain HTML lists, tables, or anything”.
  • Progressbar.js, a neat responsive progress bar component for the web.


Content stragety

  • Just Good Copy, a cute collection of email copy samples from great companies.

Information Graphics

  • Lovely little project bringing up all the hidden stories behind country flags: Flag Stories.


  • For the times when you need to get that bit of text written and focus on the flow, not the form: The Most Dangerous Writing App.
  • git-sketch-plugin — a Git client built right into Sketch. Generate pretty diffs so that everybody knows what are the changes!

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