From the Notebook

Issue 61

Week 32, 2017

UI development

  • Painting with Code, as in Airbnb introducing a new open source library React Is it just me or whoah?

  • Archetype App lets designers […] very quickly and easily create consistent typography styling and spacing live, in the browser.”

  • Cost of Modules — a handy little tool to help you decide if you want to add yet another npm module to your app. Returns package’s minified and gzipped weight.

  • Anna Tudor shows methods for contrasting text against backgrounds on css-tricks

  • Infinite Scroll goes v3 :party:.

  • Great sample of Project Guidelines defining everything from git workflow to managing dependencies, testing and the like. by Hive.

  • Bundlesize, a cute little Travis/Circle CI integration to warn you of your bundle size jumps.

  • React Simple Maps, a library of React components to make SVG maps using d3-geo and topojson.

UI Design

  • Chain, a handy little Sketch plugin to apply colour transformations between multiple items.

  • Stark, Sketch color-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch.

Things Web

  • Firefox Send, a secure file sharing service by Mozilla.

  • Web Maker — a very handy offline web playground for your next coding class. Installs as Google Chrome add-on.


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