From the Qatari Chronicles series

Abdul Wahhab Mosque

November, 2014

Ever since I came to Doha, I’ve been passing by Abdul Wahhab Mosque nearly every day at least twice. On my way to the office that is. But it was only after my visit to the mosque for last Eid’s morning prayers that I decided to give it a shot and come for a photo-walk around. As I’m hardly ever out of the office during daytime, I packed my tripod with me and went to Wahhab Mosque right after work a few days ago.

I did manage to get some great pictures then, though I felt it wasn’t quite enough. And so I came for another session a few days later. Overall I took about a couple of hundred pictures and I could probably keep on going—the more I was orbiting around, the more interesting and twisted angles I was finding. Thank god hunger struck at some point, else I’d probably still be there shooting. This is a selection of photos from those two night-time photo-walks around Abdul Wahhab Mosque sometime in late October 2014.

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