From the Qatari Chronicles series

Doha I

October, 2014

As you might have already read in one of the letters I published on this site—one, two, three—in occasion of a 2-month-long work opportunity that came with a relocation to clients’ offices, I’ve been orbiting around Doha Qatar for the last few weeks. Should you wish to learn the whole story, I’d kindly invite you to read through those letters, as they pretty much sum up the whys and hows of that Qatari adventure of mine.

What follows here is a selection of photos from my first weeks in Doha. I’ve been playing with cinematic-like treatment of photos recently, which is why you’ll spot some grain, vignetting, cooler & less vibrant colours and even more clarity applied. Love it or not, do have your say—I’d love to hear your thoughts. The following shots were taken sometime in late September, in boiling hot Doha, Qatar.

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