From the Qatari Chronicles series

Doha II

October, 2014

Following my previous album featuring some first impressions from my 2-month-long stay in boiling hot Doha, and after a long decompression period once back home in Zurich, I hereby summon the second batch of photos took during my stay in Qatar. It’s been almost two months since I left Arabia, though my memories of the place, experiences and the people encountered remain very much vivid.

What follows here is a selection of photos from the mid-weeks of my Qatari adventure. I’ve been playing with cinematic-like treatment of photos back then, which is why you’ll spot some grain, vignetting, cooler & less vibrant colours and some more clarity applied. Love it or not, do have your say—I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  • Interiors of the Katara Masjid, located in the charismatic Katara Village.

  • Streets of Katara Village

  • On the streets of Katara Village

  • On the streets of Katara Village

  • Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival opening ceremony

  • West Bay architecture

  • West Bay architecture

  • Inside Al Jazeera English

  • Al Jazeera English newsroom

  • Empty apartment buildings at The Pearl where not even well-payed Western workers can’t afford to settle

  • Streets of Souq Waqif

  • On the streets of Souq Waqif

  • Streets vendors in Souq Waqif, Doha, Qatar

  • Streets of Souq Waqif

  • Museum of Islamic Art

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