From the Spanish Chronicles series


September, 2014

In mid September 2014, after spending a couple of wonderful days in sunny Seville I arrived to Granada where, over the course of four days, I attended yet another Art of Islamic Pattern design course. Spending most of my daytime at the classes, I ended up having very little left for exploring whatever was not in the schedule of the course and doing some more intended photo-walking. I did however manage to gather a decent collection of photos, of which a few below. This is a selection of photos from Granada, dated sometime mid September 2014.

  • Fabrica Vieja, Granada.

    In the middle of the photo, there are a couple of tables belonging to—what turned out to be—my fav place with free WIFI to have a deli tinto di verano and some even more deli tapas: Shambhala.

  • Streets of Albaicin, Granada.

  • Richard of Art of Islamic Pattern explaining some geometry.

  • Fellow classmate constructing a pattern.

  • Basic structure of a biomorphic pattern design, inspired by a design found in Alhambra as constructed by yours truly at Art of Islamic Pattern workshop.

  • Adam of Art of Islamic Pattern explaining some geometry.

  • Alhambra, seen from Mirador San Nicolas.

  • Alhambra, seen from Mirador San Nicolas.

  • Side facade of the Cathedral of Granada.

  • Esra, on her social networking duty.

  • Albaicin, seen from Alhambra.

  • Munira Mendonça

    Munira Mendonça of adding some final polish to our artworks produced over an afternoon workshop session at her amazable studio.

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