From the Into The Wild series

Matterhorn, Wallis

February, 2015

In late February 2015, together with a bunch of friends and other folk brought together for the occasion we went on a weekend skiing trip to the amazable Zermatt. Having left Zurich with the merry Meetup bunch already on Thursday evening right after work, we got to our destination, checked into the hostel and hit the center just in time for late dinner.

Zermatt is quite busy this time of year. Being it an amazing ski resort and hiking wonderland, it is a pretty great destination all year round so one can’t really be shocked by the swarms of tourists that usually stroll around town. That said, none of us foresaw the struggles to find a place to eat. Hence a quick tip: book your fav restaurant beforehand, especially on a Friday evening. Even more so if you’re a group of ten plus ;)

The misty and cloudy weather didn’t really spoil us on the first day though almost empty mid-week pists and some deli fresh snow were most certainly enough to keep our morale up. It was my very first time on the wonderslopes surrounding Matterhorn and, as such, I was already pretty much psyched no matter what.

After studying the area for the whole day, re-gaining my skiing confidence on some blue and red slopes, I got tricked into following a couple of freshly met felow skiers for a fun time sipping hot wine at an après-ski spot down a black slope. There it was, an achievement unlocked.

But this album is about the second day which is when the photography magic happened. Teased by the forecasts and live-webcam imagery from the higher altitudes, I couldn’t do else than pack my camera gear and hit the slopes heavier by a backpack full of lenses. I took it easy, though throughout the day I managed to learn how to balance out the extra weight and, eventually, I was rocking the very same black slope from day one.

The views and skiing conditions were spectacular. And so turned out this collection of photos of Matterhorn and the surrounding valleys, all taken on that beautiful Saturday sometime at the end of February 2015.

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