Piotr Fedorczyk

— Product Designer & Front-end Developer

I help companies deliver delightful digital experiences.

I’m a full-stack user experience design specialist with a broad range of skills and expertise in all related fields—from user research, information architecture to interaction and visual design as well as interface development and testing.


The things I’d do for you.

  • User Research

    I’m well capable of running qualitative research, creating persona profiles, writing user scenarios, product use cases and storyboards.

  • Information Architecture

    I’m good at analyzing and organizing data. I like to have my opinion on site content outline, enjoy creating site maps and content diagrams.

  • Interaction Design

    From paper sketches to visual or living prototypes—I design easy to use and engaging interfaces for desktop and mobile.

  • User Interface Design

    I have an eye for detail, can make colors work together, enjoy playing with type and breaking the grid. I don’t do rich visuals and heavy graphics. I keep things simple.

  • Front-end Development

    I create quick HTML, CSS & JS prototypes for early testing purposes as well as production-ready sophisticated front-end architectures.

  • Product Evaluation

    I do heuristic analysis, moderate usability testing sessions and conduct project evaluation workshops with project stakeholders.

Selected clients

Great teams—great me.

Over the past decade I’ve had pleasure to make part of and learn from some extraordinary teams delivering fantastic products for a variety of companies and organisations.

  • Trint

    I helped Trint define, design, build and successfully launch its innovative automated transcription & media captioning suite.

    Read case study
  • Al Jazeera

    I helped Al Jazeera create a unique video archive and storytelling piece making use of word-level aligned interactive transcripts.

    Read case study
  • Swisscom

    As part of Interactive Things, I helped build The Swisscom Cockpit—a cost overview and control application for mobile devices.

    Read case study
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