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From the portfolioInterviewJS

An open-source Google DNI & Al Jazeera-backed app for journalists and newsrooms that allows to compose and manage scripted interactive chats for a more immersive storytelling experience.


The goal of the entire endeavour was to create a more engaging and inclusive storytelling experience around the interview format.

We worked under the premise that we can achieve that by letting the readers directly interact with the characters at the heart of a story. All through one-on-one message exchanges. Our work on InterviewJS involved creation of four different packages, each living its own life in a dedicated environment:

  1. The Story Composer — the only area protected by an authentication provider where story creators can sign in to manage, compose, edit and publish their stories.

  2. The Story Viewer — used to render published stories. It takes dataset of a story created by the journalist and renders it as a navigable, interactive chat application.

  3. The Style-guide running on Catalog — a “living” design documentation and front-end architecture reference.

  4. The public-facing website:

I had the pleasure to lead user experience design and front-end development on the project.

Selected coverage

Product type:Single Page Application
Contribution:Product, interaction and visual design, front-end development
Skills exercised:System design; ReactJS, Redux and styled-components development
Engagement period:Nov 2017–Apr 2018