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From the portfolioPalestine Remix

Mobile instance of, an Al Jazeera production being online home to a catalogue of documentaries exploring the full spectrum of the Palestine story.

Palestine Remix

Palestine Remix Mobile was the outcome of an on-site 3-months-long sprint in sunny Doha. Came as an interpretation of its desktop sibling, yet its front-end architecture was hand-coded separately and its design realigned.

Built with full user interface responsiveness and minimal bandwidth footprint in mind to guarantee the optimal user experience when on-the-go. Some of its parts, such as search results featuring word-level aligned transcripts and other Hyperaudio components, were later expanded on and integrated into the desktop version. Optimized for 4 languages, including Arabic, for which reorganization of the whole interface was required in order to guarantee a comfortable right-to-left viewing experience.


Al Jazeera knows how to launch a product with a splash. Here’s a couple of teasers that went viral right after the publication.

Post-launch presentation

A couple of weeks after the launch, I had the opportunity to talk about my experience at Al Jazeera while working on Palestine Remix at one of Zurich Hacks/Hackers meetups. Here my slides.

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Product type:Web-based Mobile Application
Contribution:IA, UI design and front-end development
Skills exercised:HTML5, SASS, CoffeeScript/JavaScript
Engagement period:Sep–Nov 2014