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From the portfolioSwisscom Cockpit

Credit and data plan balance at a glance—a cost overview and management app of Switzerland’s largest mobile provider. A place to check spending, top-up credit and acquire data packages when on-the-go.

Swisscom Cockpit

As part of Interactive Things, I had the chance and pleasure to build the entire front-end architecture of the Swisscom Cockpit, an app that was meant to support even the most obscure and least popular mobile devices in use at the time.

From authentication screens to summary dashboards and checkout procedures—all built with minimal footprint in mind not only to provide a snappy experience but also to optimize roaming data charges.

Developed and delivered as a collection of reusable components wrapped and documented within a living style-guide framework so the client could assemble, modify and dismantle app views easily. This novel approach proved to be a great exercise in finding boundaries of, and abstracting, UI elements.

Product type:Web-based Mobile Application
Contribution:Front-end development
Skills exercised:Styleguide-driven development, SASS, thorough device testing
Engagement period:Feb–Jun 2015