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From the notebookIssue 15

UI development

  • A simple plugin that "sticks" an element to the top of the browser window while scrolling past it, always keeping it in view: stickUp.
  • Super handy little tool not only for creating your perfect SASS type variables: A Visual Type Scale.
  • This looks good: Truly independent HTML components (and more) with HTML imports.

UI design

  • A rather massive and nicely categorised collection of icons free to download in SVG format to include in your Icomoon webfont: Flaticon.




  • Pleasant pieces of advice on, not only how to launch your own products, but how to approach work in general: What I’ve learned about creating meaningful work by Paul Jarvis.

    There aren’t badges handed out for the long work week, and if there were, I’d have gotten a few (in my early days, I used to work 80-100 hours a week) but they wouldn’t have been worth it.

    Then I realized I didn’t need to work so many hours because I didn’t really have a good reason to. I wasn’t trying to make the most money or work myself to death (or at least sickness), so I stopped.

    Instead, I began focusing on how I could get my work done in the most efficient way, so that I was then free to do other things—like hiking, hanging out with my wife and pet rats or traveling.

    Work smarter, not more. And the best part is, the more you are present and focused, the quicker the work gets done.