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For business enquiries or casual chatter—do drop me a line at lp.frtoip@olleh. I ♥︎ emails.

From the notebookIssue 18

UI development

  • A small JavaScript library for applying a chain of filters to an image: WebGLImageFilter.
  • A Natural Language Processor in JS, crawls through your content and fishes for formatted content like numbers, emails, links, dates and such: Knwl.js. Demo here.
  • Zoomerang.js, a library to zoom in almost any kind of content on a page.
  • Life, a timeline visualisation package.

Design in the open

  • Looks like Brad Frost released his Project Timeline on GitHub some time ago.


  • Startup Design Framework looks like a solid kickstarter pack for your next startup’s website. Why it’s based on Bootstrap and LESS is a mystery to me. Available over at designmodo.


  • A new blog collecting and reviewing books about typography, calligraphy and lettering: Typography Books.