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  • Not my favourite part of Zurich, but definitely my fav site about it: 360 Langstrasse Zurich.
  • Have an artist paint your instagram pic over at Pixelist.


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  • Fascinating read on why we all should continue to reclaim our cities: Cities belong to us by Leo Hollis. Here are my favorite bits:

    “Being part of the city is no longer determined by ownership or wealth, but by participation. In consequence, our actions change and refine the city.”

    “The reclamation of civic space does more than change the city: it creates citizens.”

    “What connects the very different events found in Taksim Square and Occupy, at a bus stop in south London or on a street in Bangalore. Reclamation of the city begins with the realisation that ‘that’ place, whatever its problems, is in fact ‘our’ place. By reclaiming it, we might actually find that we possess the solution, and in the process, we might just change ourselves.”