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From the notebookIssue 20

UI development

Experience Design

  • Memoirs from a very clever and meaningful holidays of Peter Smart when he leaves for 50 days and tries to solve one experience design problem a day: 50 problems 50 days. I often forget that instead of just “doing my work”, I should be focusing more on what really matters—solving problems.


  • Cute little typography pocket guide:


  • A new cute documentary is up on LikeKnowsLike. This time we meet the lady behind the NYT and The New Yorker’s illustrations, Victo Ngai.


  • Stimulating selection of 2014 predictions: Tech Trends by Frog.


  • A free messaging app allowing for secure private communications that leaves no trace: Wickr.
  • Another secure messenger with a beautiful design: Heml.

Data Journalism

  • Source seems like a valid source of news about what’s happening in the hacks and hackers community.