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From the notebookIssue 28

UI Development

  • Living Styleguide looks like a decent styleguide building framework that comes in RoR, Middleman and Padrino flavours.
  • One Page Scroll seems to be the right way to hijack scroll, should I wish to go down that road.

Data Visualization

  • Design is a Search Problem by Mike Bostock just made me want to download some data and fiddle with. Take aways?

    • Github should’ve already done something like NYT’s Preview internally. Hello?
    • Prototype on real data to see what direction it’ll push you in.
    • Try all, even bad, ideas deliberately just to see if they work.
    • A cliché one but still tend to underestimate: document your work.
  • Didn’t realize Interactive Data Visualization for the Web got released free for online read. Awesomely written book showed up when googling for D3 Layouts. Yay.

Design Arts

  • Because just “design” is not enough to describe the collection of design goodness over at mr-cup. Though I still keep on going back to graphic-exchange, not only out of the sentiment.