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From the notebookIssue 29

UI Development

  • Odyssey.js, a CartoDB tool that allows to merge maps and narratives.
  • Should you ever happen to need to deobfuscate and beautify Javascript: JS Nice, a project by folk from ETH Zurich.
  • When needed, this is the site you want your users to be redirected to from your outdated browser notice. By Bürocratik.
  • Bounce.js lets you create tasty CSS3 powered animations in no time.
  • Some of these Subtle Hover Effect ideas look cute.
  • Yet another, nicely done pattern library with quite a nice collection of UI elements: Call to Idea by Alexis Hill.
  • Sidecomments.js is a commenting interface component, one of those Medium-ish things that lets reader engage and comment on a story, while reading it.
  • Steady.js, a module to do logic on the onscroll event without performance regressions in @media-query like conditions.
  • SmallWorld.js—a utility for generating map overviews using GeoJSON and HTML Canvas. It was created out of a need to render simple map previews, quickly and efficiently, without strict Terms of Use and without heavy client libraries. Feel like this is yet another way I would like to add Maps to my photo albums.

Data Visualization

Being human

  • Lovely little project, a short to remind us that each person is a universe, left me with a wish for superpower to jump into another's mind for second. And sometimes asking is just enough as The Runners proves.
  • A take on Google’s last year most asked “What is…” question. A wonderful essay backed by some very actual ancient philosophy and myths with more than a few take-aways: What is love? by Mark Vernon. Too long of a read? Soundgecko it.
  • Do we need to disguise ourselves to get closer? And wasn’t that filmed in Zurich?