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From the notebookIssue 31

UI Development

  • Actionsheets might be a pain to build. Here’s a couple of takes on how to. Not perfect but good enough:

  • sweep.js seems to be a decent JavaScript library for smooth color transitions.
  • Fullscreen form interface demo by the amazable Tympanus folk.
  • Yet another one by the Tympanus folk: a very pleasant Page Preloading solution.
  • Points of Interest might be just the right thing when setting up a tour for your UI.
  • mqtest, a simple tool to help identify which media queries your device responds to, mentioned in Clarissa Peterson’s talk on Responsive Typograhy at #fec14.
  • Might come in handy in one of the upcoming projects: Let's Talk About RTL by Ahmad Alfy.
  • At #fec14, Peter–Paul Koch commanded and explained why to state viewport size declarations as follows:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1">
@-ms-viewport { width: device-width; }


  • When trying to figure out a naming convention for SASS variable names of colour derivates, I recently ended up using the following scheme based on Munsell color system:

where Wt stands for the brightest variation and Blk for the darkest one, as found in Lightness and Chroma chapter of David Briggs’ The Dimensions of Colour.


  • A short documentary on how we ended up being the “McDonalds generation of music consumers”: The Distortion of Sound.