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From the notebookIssue 34

UI development

  • Grid Style Sheets seems like some new funky styling tech around. Would be careful using it for now though as it’s still in its early stages, and outputs weird code full of inline styles, which still feels sort of wrong. img gss
  • DevTools Tips is a curated collection of Chrome Developer Tools tips and tricks, updated at least once a week by Jeferson Koslowski. img devtools
  • Geo How To is a collection of mapping tips and tricks with OpenStreetMap by Nathaniel V. KELSO. img geo
  • Two reads recommended to me by Mark Boas when translating jQuery code to vanilla JavaScript the other day:

All things Turkey

  • Watchtower of Turkey, by Leonardo Dalessandri, an absolutely beautiful short, a picture of the Turkey I know. I would only wish that Leo would visit the East and film there too, but hey, still quite something. His previous video, Watchtower of Morocco, is also nice, but a bit too flashy, hectic, unnerving. Almost makes me want to do it. Better :) img watchtowerturkey

Information Visualization

  • By accident, I stumbed upon Raconteur which turns out to be doing a lot of information graphics, have a look. img raconteur

Islamic Art