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UI development

  • If you’re like me, building UIs for modern devices and want to save that extra bandwidth by removing unnecessary dependencies, You Might Not Need jQuery is a fantastic resource for writing plain JavaScript. It’s like my new dictionary these days. Yeah yeah, it’s been here for a while. Still… img youmightnot
  • So far, when I had to run a local Apache server on my Mac, I’ve been using python -m SimpleHTTPServer. So here’s a trick: run echo "alias s='python -m SimpleHTTPServer'" >> ~/.bash_profile, restart terminal, and run s to shorten that silly command. via
  • Seems like a fairly flexi library to create responsive progress bars with SVG. Gotta try: ProgressBar.js. img progressbar
  • Had to deal with two of the modern UI dev nightmares described in Paul’s Some gotchas that got me article very recently. Glad I stumbled upon his explanation of the problem with position: fixed and overflow:hidden. img gotchas
  • Centering in CSS. Again. A Complete Guide on CSS tricks. img csstricks

UI design


  • Cute little game there to help you master the pen tool: Bézier Game. img bezier

Data visualisation

  • d3list is a massive gallery of d3 examples compiled by Christophe Viau. img d3list
  • Linked Small Multiples, a thorough article on how to build small multiples chart the right way. img smallmultiples

Generative Art

  • Para is a prototype digital illustration tool that allows to define iterative distributions and parametric constraints. Demo shown at the recent Adobe Max blew my mind. Or maybe I got in the mood because of all the clapping. img para

Real world’s things

  • I was exposed to Al Jazeera Witness documentaries for the first time just now. So much fantastic content. I could only wish they’d have a dedicated site for that for easier discovery. img witness