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From the notebookIssue 40

UI development

  • Snabbt.js is a minimalistic (and rather impressive) animation library in javascript. img snabbt

  • Designing for Print with CSS is a stellar piece of advice on setting up your web content for print with Prince. By Rachel Andrew.

  • So yeah, Prince is a rather pricey app for converting HTML files to print-sweet PDFs. img prince

  • InputTypes looks like a decent reference for all those input field types you never remember and their validations patterns. img itypes

  • CSS Gradient Animator needs no further explanation. I might end up using the thing as often as CSSArrowPlease or js2coffee. Thank you internet. img css gr

Data visualization

  • Kimono’s web data extractor abilities surely look impressive. img kimono

  • Lyra is a web-based free and open source interactive environment that enables custom visualization design without writing any code. Looks exciting! img lyra


  • Nice implementation of an online documentary piece: Dreamreach. Elegant, snappy, responsive and all that. Some Explore bits seem a bit odd, especially those humongous videoquotes but well done, nevertheless. img dreamreach

  • Recording in out in the open myself every now and then, I’ve been scouting for similar project for some time now: SoundCityProject. Lovely lovely implementation. Notice even the sound volume dims when on About page. img soundc

Social Media

Being human

  • Who wouldn’t wish to pass some part of his life travelling around the world, possibly fitting in work in the travel non-schedule. I surely did at some point and articles like Vitaly’s I am homeless can’t do else than revive the lust for being “homeless by design” for a while.

  • Your TED-inspired New Year’s resolutions: “Instead of focusing on outcomes, why not set your sights on process?”. My favs:

    1: Make time to make art. 3: Walk more, sit less. 4: Practice gratefulness daily. 8: Read books that challenge your perspective and beliefs. 10: Take breaks from your devices.

  • Three more of those New Years Resolutions ideas, this time from Oliver Burkeman.